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The Blues, Microtonality & the Guitar (M. Phil Thesis)

This thesis has been made public to help other academics & microtonal composers with their research.  Mike invites those interested to contact him if they require any additional files referenced in the thesis or if they wish to discuss the findings of the research and propose ideas for further development. 

Mike has composed for two Irish Composers Collective albums
Coloring - Cello & Electronics - Performed By Ka
te Ellis
Rockpools - Clarinet & Percussion
- Performed By The Offspring Ensemble 


Cello & Electronics


Clarinet & Percussion


Microtonal tuning and visual music experiments.

The three examples below use a La Monte young tuning adapted for 3 Guitars, Synth & Drums.



Howth Walk

by Mike Brookfield

The score video below is for Howth Walk, an orchestral piece I wrote about the north Dublin hill walk.  I wrote this as a study piece when studying with Berklee professor Jerry Gates.  The audio is a MIDI mockup but I hope to get this performed sometime in the near future.



The Frozen Lake Suite

by Mike Brookfield

The score video below is for the guitar duet piece The Frozen lake suite.  It was written about local stretch of water that often freezes over, tempting kids out playing to cross it despite the dangers.  The piece contains improvisation, extended guitar techniques and spacious harmony that aims to reflect the icy landscape.


The soundcloud link below contains more experiments with sound that include acousmatic, music concrete, sound design & spoken word.

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