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Blues guitar man Mike Brookfield comes blasting out with eleven new tracks of hot damn whack on an album that’s scorched through with the identity tag, “Brookfield”! It’s a whole new explosion of blues power from the Dublin-based guitarist who drew rave reviews for his Love Breaks the Fall LP in 2015.


The inspiration for this new record was sparked when Mike ran into writer-musician Eamon Carr in a late-night dive on one of Dublin’s most notorious backstreets. Boxing aficionado Carr, drummer and lyricist with Celtic rock legends Horslips, had just finished writing an album with Joe Cocker and Wings guitarist and celebrated hell-raiser Henry McCullough. An admirer of Brookfield’s playing, the rock’n’roll scribe needed little persuasion to ransack tattered notebooks dating from his days as a young poet on the same Beat scene circuit as Pete Brown (Cream, Battered Ornaments etc) and Adrian Henri (Liverpool Scene). Eventually, a stash of un-published lyrics that echoed the birth-cry of the blues - alienation, desolation and psychic transfiguration - were uncovered.


“Brookfield is a master of his craft, a guitarist of great skill and tone.”  

Blues In Britain Magazine


“Murderous blues rock thunderstorms…. the man simply does it all… awesome!”  

Blues News Magazine


Mike Brookfield honed his craft while playing in a number of musical shows in London’s West End back in the 1990s. At the turn of the century he moved to Ireland and while acting as a Music Coordinator in RTE where he worked on shows and events such as The Café, the Meteor Music Awards, the Childline Concert and The Late Late Show, he performed with many well known international artists. Eventually he decided that he needed to make his own music and two years ago he released his debut album, Love Breaks the Fall, which attracted glowing reviews from the music press. 


"Mike Brookfield is a virtuoso blues rocker...with a particular ability to craft hook-laden big blues ballads ...shedload of prodigious rockabilly chops...what he can do with his Stratocaster, is bloody impressive.”

Blues Matters Magazine


Now Mike is ready to release his second album simply entitled “Brookfield”. This record is more than a sonic essay in the blues. It’s the raw - untreated, unregulated and unvarnished - sound of an artist at the peak of his powers, unleashing untamed forces, caging crazed demons and finding sweet deliverance in an electric six-string heaven. His playing will make you want to dance when it isn’t breaking your heart.


For further information contact Barry Hartigan on (086) 0267832 or at

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Press Quotes for 'Brookfield' (2017)

"An outstanding guitarist with real virtuoso flair, Brookfield knows when to let it wail like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Rory G and when to hold back like Clapton... Eamon Carr’s lyrics blaze with classy one-liners... a thoroughly modern blues record"

RTÉ Guide (Ireland)

"The album stays true to the blues, and it rocks like a beast when it needs to, but it is not the same old, same old that everyone else is doing... his mastery is special" 
Music Republic Magazine (UK)

"...absolutely flawless... Mike Brookfield confirms that the hopes that had been placed in him were not in vain!"
Zicazic Magazine (France)

“Brookfield” is a well planned, seamlessly executed post-modern blues album… a new blues style that cuts a swathe through a sometimes tired old genre.”
Get Ready To Rock (UK)

"An album of the raw and uninhibited, 'Brookfield' is a set of songs determined to cause trouble and win hearts"
Liverpool Sound & Vision (UK)

“Explosive new album…raw and visceral…A superb collection of real songs played in a truly authentic style… Highly recommended!”
Blues in Britain (UK)

“Brookfield” is an excellent album by an outstanding guitarist and singer… 9/10”
Blues Magazine (Holland)

“Mike gives us an album that is introspective with some deep subject matter but does it in a way that keeps you on your toes throughout..” 8/10”
Blues Rock Review (USA)

“Mike delivers endlessly creative and imaginative solos... Varied, interesting, commercial and beautifully performed…Mike is a marvellous guitarist..Great stuff.”
Fatea Magazine (UK)

“Mesmerising…This striking melodic blues rock is an absolute discovery!” 
Rootstime (Holland)

Critical Praise 'Love Breaks The Fall' (2015)


“Heartfelt songs & strong melodies shot through with impassioned solos…a great album!”

Classic Rock / The Blues Magazine


"It is not often that I hear a fresh approach with great feeling in both his Guitar and Vocal performances in the constricting format of Blues Rock. If you get a chance check him out before he becomes famous."

Roger Mayer (Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck's FX Guru) 


"Definitely in the category of the Champions class...exceptional artist that has long since found his own style, his own way...I recommend you buy "Love Breaks The Fall!"

Rock Times


"Brookfield is a master of his craft, a guitarist of great skill & tone...a stunning album"
Blues in Britain


"Mike Brookfield is about to go global, as a blues exponent guitar hero and music master all in the one package...he also happens to be a really great guy..‎check this muso out while you can still get tickets"

Producer Alan O'Duffy (Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher)


"Murderous blues rock guitar thunderstorms...the man simply does it all...awesome!"

Blues News Magazine


"With this level of talent Brookfield can afford to hold back and let the songs do the work, which makes his new album, Love Breaks the Fall, a winner!"

Blues Blast Magazine


"Mike Brookfield is a virtuoso blues rocker...with a particular ability to craft hook-laden big blues ballads ...shedload of prodigious rockabilly chops...what he can do with his Stratocaster, is bloody impressive!

Blues Matters Magazine


"..a very stylish blues rock album, varied and beautifully played...You can hear the emotion and feeling in his fingers so that the chills go over your body"

Blues Magazine


"The sonic palette on 'Love Breaks the Fall' is phenomenal!....a natural talent on the blues scene...'Love Breaks the Fall' beckons hypnotically" 

Blues Rock Review


"Mike Brookfield Ireland's hidden treasure!...this album is definitely a discovery!"


"Mike is a consummate guitarist with an interesting past and a bright future...coolness personified...excellent album!"

Pete Feenstra GRTR


Love Breaks The Fall’ is cool...Lovely fluid tone and a radio-friendly musicality..."
Just Listen To This


"A splendid album of guitar prowess and true originality"

Blues In The North West 


"Pure dynamite!...after several listens my jaw was still dropped from amazement"

Peter 'Blewzzman' Lauro Mary 4 Music 



Rudolf's Music 

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